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Aluminum Rigs? No Problem, we build them as “you” want them!

Texas Quail Hunting Rigs & Quail Racks

Can it get any better? You tell me, we build to satisfy. This is the ultimate rig whether you want to hunt Quail, Deer or Beer or just cruise around the property this is the rig for you. Check out the blender and liquor cabinet. Let’s just say “It’s not ALL about the HUNT”. If you want a specialty rig, one that no one else has just give us a call. I do sleep and when I do I dream about Hunting Rigs.


<----Texas Hunting Truck with Custom Quail Rigs #1:   

This used to be a Chevrolet Suburban!!!! Now it has an open style seating area with 4 seat levels, roof, Safe flooring, REAL ELEPHANT SKIN inserts in the seats, fold up style windshield and Lots More. WE build the rig as the CUSTOMER wants it. Notice the raised logo on the hood.

Texas Custom Quail Racks #2: ---->

This is an H1 Hummer with a front quail rack and a rear quail rack. The entire Hummer is sprayed with bed liner. Notice the two colors of bed liner and how they accent each other.

Texas Hunting Truck with Custom Quail Rack, #3:   

This is a Suburban Cut down Rig. This rig has lots of options on it including shinny smooth paint instead of bed lining. This is a gentleman’s rig and has lots of class.  

Texas Hunting Truck with Custom Quail Rack #4:  This is a very unique rig. It started with the White Truck in the picture. This used to be a Ford F250 4-door long bed pickup. We designed this for use in a VERY SANDY environment. This rig is light weight and cruises through the sand. It seats lots of hunters, all open air and amongst each other. We installed our “Drive By Wire Hydraulic Top Drive Unit”, folding windshield, slide out liquor cabinet, storage boxes, dog boxes, water containment tanks, nice leather gun holders and lots more. Still Dreamin..


Custom Texas Quail Hunting Rigs, #5 (above):  

“ALL ALUMINUM RIG” This Quail Rig Top Drive is a fully hydraulic drive by wire top drive. This unit has lots of storage, 3 seat levels, “U’ bench back seat, liquor cabinet, water tank, leather gun scabbards, dog boxes, full running boards, front game rack, CUSTOM SOUND SYSTEM with marine docking station and lots lots, lots, lots more. Check out the 50 Cal semi auto mounted on the roof. Sorry its dirty in this picture but we really had fun that day. It just doesn’t get any better. 


QUAIL-Rigs #6:   ---->

This shows one of our quail hunting rigs with 3 seat levels and many options to add comfort and safety to your quail hunting experience. Our custom options can be added to most any type of vehicle. This looks like a suburban style cut down, but in fact This is a Ford F150 pickup. Notice how the tail gate seals off to become a dry trunk area. This is just one of our quail rig projects and Texas Quail Hunting Trucks.  


Texas Quail Rig with Custom Quail Rack #7:

This is a classic All Aluminum Quail Rig with two sat levels, dog boxes, liquor cabinet, wine glass drawer and lots more.  


Quail Rack on a Texas Quail Hunting Trucks,  #8:---->

This is our front quail rack with a 25 quart ice chest holder, two swivel chairs, cup holders, two gun mounts and storage boxes. Notice this trucks quail rig is sprayed with bed liner and our custom quail racks are removable with ease. Quail Hunting Rigs built for individuals as well as South Texas outfitters for client comfort.


This is our bench seat style.


#9 - This is another classic style All Aluminum Quail Rig with multiple seating. This unit has lots of dog boxes and other storage boxes. Check out the top drive just behind the cab of the truck. Nice Hugh.    Use these picture #’s David Johnson 1 #’s 4872 and 4884


<----#10- This is a picture of a custom quail rig that is also a top drive. This rig has bed cut outs that will allow you to enter and exit the top rig there is also a rear entry ladder. This truck is lighten and had a storage box put on one side and a dog box on the other.



This is the top drive of this Quail rig with complete hydraulic steering. Notice the custom dash panels.


This is a picture of our leather gun scabbards that are molded in to the body of the truck.


This is a half ton Chevy Top Drive Quail Rig with full hydraulic steering and drive by wire. This unit can be used for Deer or Quail. It is low enough to get on and off with ease but yet the top rack people are well hidden for Deer.   This is a picture of the rear of this truck with 2 dog boxes and a rear entry ladder.

#13- Check this out. This is a 4 door jeep. We stretched the frame in two places to make more leg room in the 2nd row and accommodate the 3rd high seat. Now this is a custom rig from the work GO. This truck stays totally enclosed or open cab, your choice with ease. This thing has lots of cabinets, custom bumpers, rear trunk area, Way Good stereo system, Way Good Lights and a 6” lift with 37” tires. The roof also has a 50 Cal mount for those pestering Hogs.   


This unit has 6 dog boxes, several dry storage boxes, leather gun scabbards, liquor cabinet, water tank with 12V pump and faucet, dog collar charging station 12 and 120 volt strips in a sealed cabinet and lots more. We build them just as “YOU” like them.

#15-(above)This is a 2010 Toyota Tundra 4x4 Flat Bed Quail Rig. This is a very nice unit with lots of storage and seats 5 up top. Check out the wet bar and all the storage. Now this is a good time waiting to happen!!!


# 16 -(above)This is our Classic Flat Bed Quail Rig but this unit also has a TOP DRIVE. This unit has lots of storage and custom Liquor bars and leather gun scabbards behind closed lockable doors. Dog cages can be added if needed. This is an enjoyable showpiece rig but yet is designed for hunting with comfort.

<----#17-WOW!!!!!  We even installed a “GAS GRILLE” on this rig. What are my hunters going to ask for next?

<----#18-This is a top drive system we added to an existing flat bed quail rig. This is a totally hydraulic steering system.



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