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Texas Quail Hunting Rigs & Quail Racks


This Toyota Tacoma was outfitted with a flat bed, Dog boxes, and a recovery Crane.    

Here we have a Chevrolet half ton with a smaller flatbed Quail Rack.  Dual Gun scabbard on both sides of the footrest, single high seat with 2 dog boxes, water tank, and a holder for a cooler.

This is a Toyota Tundra Quail Rig.  Some of the features include a locking cabinet with gun dual scabbard, dual bucket seats with a single bench high seat, stereo system and water tank.



This Quail Rig is built on a Chevrolet 2500HD. Its features include a full front quail rack, multiple LED lights, quad bucket seats, locking gun cabinet, hydraulic steering, and a nice canopy for the HOT South Texas days.


5 Here we have a really nice quail rig.  Options include: a full quail rack up front, many storage cabinets, cooler holder, and wet storage areas to name a few.  One unique feature this rig has is entry steps both in front and back. 



Another nice rig. This one is equipped with dog boxes, large wet storage area, marine stereo system with 12” sub-woofer, bench and bucket seats.  This rig even has a gas grill!!!!  Who needs to go back home to have a nice meal!! Just don’t get any better…


Here is a lifted Ford F-350 flatbed Quail Rig, with a full canopy.  Check out the raised ranch logo. It has multi-level seating with a capacity of 15 people, so all your friends/associates can come along. Plenty of cabinet space, gun scabbards, lights, and dog boxes.


Chevrolet 2500HD with a flatbed quail rack.  Notice the front dog box.  It is remotely controlled so you can release you dogs, wherever you are.  Head lights were moved to the front of the rack for better lighting.


Another Fine Rig, this one features a U bench at the top level so you can bring more of your friends along.

This is an all-aluminum top drive quail rig.  Some of the features include a front game platform/ramp with a winch, Multi entry points and 8 Dog Boxes.


Dodge 2500 flatbed, top drive, Quail Rig.  Notice the swiveling crane on the back to pick up the heavier game.


Another F-350 Quail Rig.  Equipped with HID lights 8 speaker Stereo System, and multiple seating on multi layers.



Another Nice Quail rig with a full canopy. 


Check out the Liquor Cabinet with a slide out drawer.  Can and cup Dispenser above.



This Quail rig features entry steps both on the side and in the rear.


 This rig even has a blender installed…

Anybody want a Margarita?


This is a unique quail rig.  The truck was stretched 3 foot. Bemis top and special accommodations for a wheelchair. Check out the rear basket molded into the body.

Here we have a monster quail rig.  Too many features to list, but it does come with AC.

Here is another nice quail rig with a full cover. A gun turret was added for a 50 Cal.


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