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This is a Jeep Gladiator unit with a high seat set up, bumpers, running boards, solid roof, lights and more. We build one and two level high seats for Gladiators.


This is a Jeep Gladiator with a Short Bench seat set up, bumpers, running boards, suspension lift and more. This one is built with a LOW seat for low hanging trees.


Here we have a nice little high seat Jeep.  Game basket, feeder, winch, shooting rest, lighting all tucked into a neat little package.


This is a 1986 Jeep CJ7 with a rear bench seat and lot of cool game carriers and storage.

Here is a nice Jeep hunting rig.  Nice high seat with shooting rest, feeder, several gun racks and sheaths, all this and a full Quail Rack up front.


Here is a nice one.  High seat with a canopy for the hot sunny days, shooting rail and a removable quail rack up front.

Another fine example of a jeep with a high seat.  This one includes an Ice chest holder off the back of the seat, swivel and a stationary shooting rest.


Check out this Jeep with an enclosed canvas cab.  High seat, gun scabbards, and a full quail rack make this a really nice set up.

Here is another example of a really cool machine.  High seat Jeep with a removable Quail Rack up front.  This has a hard top to lessen the shock from shots fired from above.


Oh WOW, check out this jeep!!! Full restoration with a custom paint job. Imagine cruising around in this machine…

Another nicely done jeep, enclosed canvas cab, automotive style high seat and a folding game rack up front…  Nice...


Ok check this one out…  This jeep was stretched several inches to allow for extra leg room, LED light bars to light up the night, custom stereo, and logos embroidered into the seats, to name a few awesome features. 

Look at this, Nice Jeep High Seat, with a full quail rack up front.  This unit is a little different being there is no side ladders.  You climb up to the high seat from the rear of the unit.


Another nice rig.  Custom doors and running boards, Automotive style high seat with a hard top to lessen the shock from shots fired from above.

Another fine example of a jeep high seat.


How Cool is this: This Jeep high seat has FLIR!!  Notice how the front scalberts are cut into the jeep’s fenders.  These are large enough to hold AR-15s with scopes and clips.

Here is another example of a stretched jeep high seat.  This one also has Top Drive, and a Bimini Top for the rear driver/passengers


Here we have another Top Drive Jeep High Seat… Feeder, scalberts, Bucket seats, what more do you need? 

Here is a nice example of a double Jeep high seat.


Another Nice Double Jeep high seat. This one sports 4 bucket seats.

This is one of a kind.  Pure top drive Jeep High Rack.  All controls, gauges, and switches were moved to the top rack.  The bottom area where the seats used to be is now used for storage.


This Jeep High seat is equipped with a removable High Seat.  The Front Feeder and rear game basket are also removable.  This allows you to use the jeep during off season. 

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